Creating Solutions Together: The Technology Team at USA TODAY

Our Technology Support team members use their unique experiences and knacks for problem solving to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently at USA TODAY NETWORK. We sat down with Christi Cervone, Senior Manager of the Technology Support Center, to talk about her career successes here and learn how she gets to tap into her passion for problem solving.

What was your first position with USA TODAY NETWORK, and what responsibilities did you cover in your role?

“I started off as a Network Systems Administrator for Channel 9 News in Denver. I was one of three onsite IT employees and we were responsible for all IT needs.”

Can you describe a milestone in your career here that has been particularly fulfilling?

“I think one of the biggest achievements was my move from individual contributor to team leader and manager. I went from being a doer in the help desk function to being a leader of people who were fixing things. That was a really big step, but I had some fantastic mentors and great resources that helped me transition.”

What are your goals and how does USA TODAY NETWORK help you reach them?

“Overall, my goal is to be a successful professional while still being able to be a great mom and a great wife, because my family is so incredibly important to me. Something that makes a huge impact in my career is my team here – they allow me to have a professional career and still have the flexibility to make sure that I have the family/life balance that I value.”

What is a challenge that you and your team have to overcome in the technology field?

“A challenge that is unique to the technology industry is engaging remote employees. My entire team is remote—only one of my 45 employees works out of my office. We’ve gotten creative in keeping communication a priority. We try to be “video up” during our meetings to stay better connected and build the community that we value at USA TODAY NETWORK. Another cool thing that we have done is to hold certain meetings using just text through a collaboration tool.  It allows people to tune-in/tune-out during a specified time block and contribute and ask questions. The managers are in there, helping answer questions, and at the end of the meeting we copy the conversation and drop it into OneNote so everyone can reference it. It’s all about thinking of new ways to better utilize time and do things together.”

How do you get to flex your problem solving skills at USA TODAY NETWORK?

“I don’t see any challenge as a deal breaker, they actually excite me. Problem solving is like an outlet to help me get creative. My team members always have ideas so I like to use them as resources to get their opinions on potential solutions. Even if it’s not someone on my direct team, other coworkers can help me look at a problem in a completely different way so I can truly find the best solution.”

At USA TODAY NETWORK we value the innovative ideas and creative solutions that come from our own talented IT Support team members. Apply to join our team now and become part of a community that pushes boundaries everyday!

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