How Our Content Teams are Changing the Face of Media

The state of media is constantly transforming. Our teams stay ahead of the curve through innovation and collaboration, allowing USA TODAY NETWORK to meet the ever-changing demands of creating impactful stories. As a Digital Director at USA TODAY NETWORK | Naples Daily News, Jigsha Desai has a full view of how our teams are working to not only stay current on where media is headed, but to influence how media moves forward:

“As a Digital Director, my day is very hectic—things are changing every day with local news and national news, and with the ways people engage with our content. Every day is different. We look at what our readers are interested in, what more can we do to serve them; how can we train our journalists locally, how can we give them more tools and tips; what are some fun social engagement things we can do, what are some video opportunities we can work on.Along with creative strategy, we also look at the numbers and data to figure out the answer to the question ‘what are we doing that’s working’.”

Being in a management position gives Jigsha the ability to work with many different content roles in our Naples Daily News newsroom:

“I assist with different teams all of the time. This week there’s a mini boot camp that I am shepherding. We had several reporters from our newsroom go to the Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) Conference in Phoenix this year, and our editor wanted the people included in IRE to come back and train the others. So, I’ve created what we call the Naples Daily News IRE boot camp—it’s an intensive 6 day session where different reporters are sharing tips and training they learned at IRE. We actually made it NETWORK wide for anyone in Florida to join our one hour training call, and we’re having really great attendance.”

As a Digital Director, Jigsha focuses mostly on the two biggest advents in digital media over the past ten years—social and mobile. She explains why this is such an exciting time for content creators in this space:

“I’m involved with our mobile video and social analytics. I love seeing the instantaneous reactions we get on social media. I am pushing our Instagram channel and Facebook brand, and the real time engagement we see with our audience to me is very fulfilling. Even the short weather stories telling us that a storm is coming or sharing a beautiful sunset photo from one of our readers, I’m seeing the instantaneous reaction that we made somebody’s day better. These posts equate a lot of interest from our readers, and further elevate our brand. It strengthens our connection with our followers which is always exciting. It makes me want to do more. ”

Being successful in shaping the future of media is twofold at USA TODAY NETWORK—you have to have the personal drive, but the organization also provides you the tools you need to do more and keep moving forward:

“I think being a constant learner helps me move media forward. I’m always watching what others are doing, and getting inspired by other brands in the NETWORK. I love setting up training, and teaching others what I have picked up; I think by sharing my knowledge with the others around me I am helping move us forward. And there’s so many opportunities available to you. No media company has everything figured out, but we’re all about experimenting with different opportunities to figure it out as best we can. Personally, I love that USA TODAY NETWORK is a big sponsor of the Online News Association, whose conference I got to go to last year as an ambassador. The NETWORK provides a lot of training and opportunity to have its journalists hone their skills. If you show potential, they will invest in you. Innovation and creativity are rewarded here.”

We are always seeking risk takers and those willing to work with us to move media into the future. Join the movement of transforming what media is when you apply to join USA TODAY NETWORK today.

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