What Makes Sales at USA TODAY NETWORK Different From the Rest

There are many reasons the sales teams at USA TODAY NETWORK are unlike any other company’s sales team…but don’t take our word for it. We sat down with two of our sales team members—Drew Van Tongeren, a Regional Director of digital and regional accounts in Michigan, and Eddie Tyner, President for our Ohio and Louisville, KY sales sites—to hear from them why sales at USA TODAY NETWORK is such a unique experience.

What does your day-to-day look like as part of the sales team?

Drew: I collaborate with our sales teams working on solving for different businesses’ unique marketing objectives and challenges, consulting on product, strategy, application, user experience, competition existing and new pieces of product, and identifying opportunities of going to market for our partners. I also manage a sales team that runs our largest accounts here in Michigan. My team provides our existing accounts with go to market strategies for new products, as well as cultivates new account opportunities.
We are obsessed with growing our clients’ businesses. I collaborate on a daily basis with team members within Sales, Marketing, Research, Strategy, Creative, Optimization, Experiential, and the Editorial Newsrooms. The outcome of that teamwork comes in the form of ideas and solutions that must be stewarded. I am focused on bringing new ideas to market that engage.

Eddie: I am largely responsible for helping drive monetization across all our digital advertising products. I work very closely with our sales teams to help lead and motivate and make sure that we are all focused on doing the right thing. I work with key groups throughout the organization in order to continue to build and hone in on our digital revenue strategy.

How would you describe the culture of the team?

Drew: Collaborative and supportive. We all rally around driving return for our clients and experimenting with new and progressive approaches. The culture of USA TODAY NETWORK supports idea generation and fosters those ideas so they can come to life.

Eddie: Our culture has evolved in a big way in the relatively short time that I have worked here. We’ve gone from a traditional sales organization to one that is now comprised of lots of different people who come from varying backgrounds in the digital space. I think that has shifted the mindset of the team to be a little bit more forward thinking about how digital is going to continue to play a huge role in our business.

How is sales at USA TODAY NETWORK different than at other companies?

Drew: We’re incentivized based on broad goals rather than focused on a particular product, which encourages our team to sell the right solutions for clients, not product push or sell a solution that is being incentivized. It’s more of a consultative approach.

Eddie: Within our specific industry of news and information, the space is as competitive and crowded as it’s ever been. For sales that means the team has to think very critically around 1) how do we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace; 2) what are the areas in which we think we can win where other sales organizations that are part of big news media companies can’t. Because of our industry we are tasked with having to think through those more than a lot of other sales organizations.

Why would you say USA TODAY NETWORK is a great place to build a sales career?

Drew: Your impact on the community is felt in many forms. Helping businesses and local economies grow so we can put people back to work is an exciting part of it. We’re also driving revenue that supports our company’s abilities to report on news that matters to people; that’s proven through our audience growth, our platform growth and the importance of the value that consumers as a whole place on our content.

What helps you stay motivated in your role of sales?

Eddie: I really believe that this organization allows people to grow and further their career in ways that other companies can’t offer, just because of all of the different areas we play in and how big the NETWORK is. We are in transformation mode, like many big media companies, and with that, the expectation is that you can help further that transformation. You have an opportunity to have a voice at the table and be able to help us bring ideas forward that are going to help us continue the exciting transformation in our business. Versus other sales organizations that I’ve worked for, there seems to be more of a unified front and collaborative spirit. That spirit is important and something positive you should expect when you are coming into this team.

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