Put Your Sales Expertise on Full Display at USA TODAY NETWORK

At USA TODAY NETWORK our team strives to meet industry challenges head-on. This unique dedication to coming up with innovative solutions helps our sales team members open doors in their careers.

David Foster, now Vice President of Sales, was given unique opportunity to put his strong problem-solving skills to use when he first started out with the NETWORK as Sales Manager in 2015. He describes one of his best team effort accomplishments:

“When I joined the company in the Asheville, NC office, we were struggling to find the right solutions for our retail accounts. By the time I left the office at the end of that year, after learning the team and applying my knowledge, we moved up to be ranked in the top five percent of the NETWORK.”

After finding so much success in his initial role with USA TODAY NETWORK, David transitioned into a new role where his skills are now being applied at a more strategic level.

“My professional goals are happening right now with the NETWORK. I’ve been promoted twice in the last two and a half years, and they gave me more responsibility which is something I enjoy. They are listening to my strategy ideas and I am helping pinpoint what we need to be doing to progress as a company, adapting from old traditional media to new media.”

But even great problem solvers need support every now and again to overcome the obstacles they face in their roles. David knows he can always rely on support from his peers when he needs to.

“I’ve got a fantastic leader, the President Publisher. He is my resource when I need one and I learn a lot from him every day, in terms of running the actual papers and managing different departments. We are always trying to find a way to get things done, I’m very lucky that I’ve got someone who has been in the business for so long to guide me.”

David thrives off of these shared ideas and has adapted this method to help benefit the entire sales team.

“We have a meeting every Monday morning to start off the week. The managers and the sales reps do one-to-ones, then the managers will meet with me on Tuesday. On Thursday morning we do training sessions regarding any questions that came up earlier during the week, or specific products and how we are going to cover a specific promotion.”

This high level of support and guidance from leaders like David is reflected throughout the organization. Building a culture that drives team members to success is what makes the NETWORK such an exciting place to develop your problem-solving skills.

“Everything comes down to having a passion for the job, and being responsible and accountable – you need to do instead of just talk. You can’t rely on anyone else to get the job done or just pass the buck – it has to end with you.”

At the NETWORK we are proud to create opportunities for playmakers like David. If you are looking to take the next step in your career by finding unique solutions with a dedicated team, check out our open positions and apply today!

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