We Give Our Sales Team the Tools They Need to Move Us Forward

Products and ideas are always evolving in the field of digital media, leading our team members at USA TODAY NETWORK to always learn and grow in their careers. For our sales team, this means finding innovative solutions that meets the needs of our local communities. Supportive team dynamics and constantly updated training tools provided by USA TODAY NETWORK helps our sales teams achieve their goals.

Two of our sales team members, Tracy Bryce and Robert Young, have successfully used these resources to grow in their careers with us, and have managed to meet the everyday challenges they face in our industry head-on.

Robert was attracted to USA TODAY NETWORK because of our respected reputation in the media industry, and specifically aimed to strengthen his skills in digital sales and marketing.

“I came to USA TODAY NETWORK four years ago because of the product suite. I wanted to get into marketing, and some people I knew and trusted who were familiar with the industry told me that this was the place to go because of the advanced product portfolio.”

This bold career move allowed him to find the right training and coaching he needed to better his skills and quickly make a name for himself as a Digital Sales Specialist.

“In terms of sales training, back when I first started we had video modules, now we have interactive online webinar classes, which cover our 5 step sales cycle.The ongoing availability of training, even to the level of our “Ask the Expert”, enables you to constantly keep your knowledge base current.”

Continuously updated formal and informal training opportunities give Robert the tools he needs to stay up on the fast-moving trends in our industry. These invaluable resources inspire team members like Robert to start new conversations with both customers and other trailblazing coworkers.

“The thing that is so encouraging to me is that we have people here that are some of the brightest and smartest people I will ever get to meet, and when I’m in a room with them I learn something new every time they talk. Our biggest asset is the people that can tell our story – they can represent our products and our company with the quality it deserves.”

Tracy works as the Regional National Advertising Manager, and even though she has been with the NETWORK for 23 years, she admits that she still finds unique opportunities to build on the training and coaching she has received throughout her career here.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of sales training here over the years. I’ve been through courses including Manager University and Digital Summits. The ongoing availability of the training, even to the level of our experts, enables you to constantly keep your knowledge base current.”

These training opportunities have enabled her to connect with her customers on a deeper level by helping her create cutting-edge solutions and ideas that allow them to make a bold impact in the marketplace.

“In our industry we sell ideas, so the most cutting-edge ideas are those that fit the client’s needs and help them get strong results. You need to challenge yourself and listen to that customer and ask ‘What can we do? Let’s try it.’ Don’t be afraid to fail—you have to give it a shot.”

The confidence Tracy gains from her training at USA TODAY NETWORK keeps her motivated and prepared to conquer any innovations that hit the marketplace.

“The world is changing, the industry is changing, how we as consumers interact with information is changing. It is crucial for us to continue to understand and add new solutions to our arsenal of products, because if we don’t we will fall behind.”

At USA TODAY NETWORK our team continues to take advantage of our vast training and coaching library so that they can push market boundaries. If you are ready to challenge yourself and find unlimited growth in your sales career, check out our careers page today!

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