The Perfect Catch: How Our Sales Teams Work Smarter

In a digital market that is growing and evolving rapidly, we have to ask, “How can modern sales professionals keep up with constantly emerging trends and outpace the competition?”Two USA TODAY NETWORK sales leaders, Brooke Christofferson, VP of Client Strategy, and Mickaela Lusignan, Digital Sales Manager, shared just how valuable our commitment to cutting edge technical support and dedicated employee development is.

What tools does USA TODAY NETWORK provide to help you find potential sales leads and/or track your goals?

Brooke: “That is a big part of my team’s job, we help sales understand revenue potential by segment and at the account level during our quarterly sales planning process. So we use a lot of B2B marketing resources, website data, sources like InfoUSA, and Kantar competitive media spending to identify valuable prospects.

Salesforce is our benchmark tool to track our progress. We can use it to look at our numbers from an account executive level, a manager level, and a market level. On top of that, we also have monthly dashboards that reflect our KPIs. These are our core objectives that we use to compare market performance and goal setting in terms of our key KPIs that we want to track and measure over time.”

How do these tools help you drive innovation in the market and give USA TODAY NETWORK a competitive advantage?

Mickaela: “What makes our team at USA TODAY NETWORK different is our dedication to innovation. USA TODAY NETWORK continues to purchase companies and we continue to partner with vendors that are the best in the country with the most advanced technologies and platforms. Because of these partners and advertisement tools, we are able to fulfill campaigns in-house instead of outsourcing, which makes us different from a lot of other companies.

Because we don’t outsource it doesn’t take as long to troubleshoot or fix problems. We are able to make changes across multiple tactics easily and we can see how one tactic affects another because we operate as one with the tools to do so strategically.”

What kind of training do you receive when you are introduced to a new tool? Can you think of a time when this training helped you find success in the market?

Mickaela: “We have ‘Ask The Expert’ training every Monday where we focus on new product rollouts, updates, or improvements. We also update case studies and hear some success stories about what is working well with certain verticals.

A lot of our local properties implement Digital Academy, where we take everything we’ve learned from the program and apply it directly to the clients in our market. This allows us to tailor the training we receive on a corporate level to our local markets based on what we see. This is how we take the training one step further to make it more applicable to our reps and the businesses in each individual community.”

Besides the tools we offer, how else does USA TODAY NETWORK support team members in their careers?

Mickaela: “I was part of a mentor/mentee program, and my mentor was an Executive Editor in a newsroom, which I found extremely interesting and gained a completely different perspective from that side of our business. I like that no matter what stage you are at in your career, USA TODAY NETWORK is continually striving to provide the best development opportunities.”

Brooke: “We have a strong focus on developing our people and we spend a lot of time coaching them. Your manager plays a strong role in developing you, supporting you and going to bat for you. They give you great opportunities to learn and grow so that you can succeed in the industry.”

Learn more about how you can unlock your sales potential with the tools and support from USA TODAY NETWORK when you apply to join our winning team!

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