Building Community on the USA TODAY NETWORK Sales Team

At USA TODAY NETWORK, our sales team makes staying on top of new product advances and finding innovative ways to overcome challenges in the digital media industry look easy – but in reality, each individual’s success would not be possible without the support of their teammates.

Sales Director Shannon Welch has been instrumental in bringing his team together so that they can successfully overcome obstacles at every stage in their careers here.

“Our team culture is great, I keep everything really tight with my team so that they know they can come to me with any concerns. We problem solve together, we celebrate together and I like to show them the vision of just how much they contribute to the entire company. Everything I do is centered around positivity, so it’s a great team to be a part of. I’ve also noticed that people ask how to join our team, and that speaks volumes when it comes to leading a group of great people like the individuals I oversee.”

Shannon harnesses this unique culture of teamwork to welcome and support new salespeople at USA TODAY NETWORK with help from his more experienced team members.

“When we have a new sales rep that joins our team there’s a great mix of positive things that happen and also some general challenges. What I like to do is talk through those initial challenges, and create a real 6-9 month plan that we can develop to get that person ahead for the future.

Another thing I like to do is bring a few other team members into the room who have faced similar challenges, and host an open forum where we just address how that person overcame the issue. Sometimes these stories can be pretty funny, and it just helps encourage our new team members to keep trying by letting them know the situation can always get better just by asking for support from the team.”

However, he also knows when to step in and offer individual support to get his team on the right track to achieve their goals.

“My favorite form of team communication is face to face conversations because it allows us to get together and openly talk about what’s going on. As a manager, I always try to show my team a great deal of respect by sitting down and really communicating with them one on one. I think talking through things is the best way to get to the bottom of any issue.”

These learning opportunities allow Shannon and his team to better understand the marketplace and how USA TODAY NETWORK can create a better partnership with the community.

“I learn more from my sales team than I do anywhere else. They’re the ones who are dealing with the real challenges of the business every day – they are on the frontlines with the customers getting feedback. We learn more about our solutions and what we need to do for our customers from our own people – that’s why we need to keep listening.”

At the NETWORK our team knows that every success deserves to be recognized – that’s why Shannon helps cultivate a unique culture of teamwork and camaraderie by celebrating his team’s wins.

“We celebrate both professional successes and personal successes on our team. If someone does something great with an account, hits a tough goal, or even gets married we all positively recognize that achievement. It’s really all about getting together and breaking down walls so that we can get to know one another and enjoy each other’s company.”

At the USA TODAY NETWORK, we value the conversations that bring our teams together and allow them to succeed. Join in on the conversation today by applying to be a part of our winning sales team!


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