Selling the Future of Media Solutions at USA TODAY NETWORK

At USA TODAY NETWORK, our sales team knows that they can always look forward to selling the most cutting-edge products in the digital media industry with the latest technological advances that are available to sales teams.

Debbie Milteer, Key Account Manager at the Greenville News, came to USA TODAY NETWORK as a Territory Sales Representative in 1997. She can identify her first big career achievement with the NETWORK that helped her build a solid foundation for her bright future with the sales team:

I remember getting really excited because GateWay Computers was coming to town and opening up a storefront. That was really my first big sale here at the Greenville News and it was a company that was selling desktop computers who wanted to run full pages.”

This exciting career win helped fuel her passion for sales, and has allowed her to conquer other challenging professional goals:

“I love being able to confidently tell my customers that they can buy from us, just one vendor, and get every solution they need. In the past, they would have to go through so many different vendors and use so many different products – but with USA TODAY NETWORK, I can be a one-stop shop for customers and really bring in rewarding results. That’s why it has always been so exciting to be a part of the NETWORK – you have all the tools you need to hone in and deliver exactly what the customers want.”

Debbie has had many exciting opportunities to grow and evolve with the NETWORK, so she knows a thing or two about preparing for new advances in the digital media sales industry:

“I think that we’ve learned to ask ‘Why Not?’ as we continue to add more consumer options into the mix. If our products/solutions don’t exactly fit the customer’s needs, we look for a new way to achieve their objectives and find alternatives that are even better than what was originally asked for. It’s a personal, unique package designed to meet specific needs so that we can keep their ROI and objectives at the forefront.I enjoy selling all of the digital products, but my favorites are geofencing and the USA TODAY Ad NETWORK. The questions we ask the advertiser are so different now – before we would ask ‘what areas do you want to reach’ or ‘what is the average age of the audience you’d like to target’. Instead of advertisers throwing this huge net out to try and cover the market they want, I can get them the exact fraction they need with these tools.”

At USA TODAY NETWORK we recognize that a strong future in digital media sales is built off of quality products and a clear vision for our customers:

“From a news perspective, we’re a service to the community, and when I come to work that never escapes me. It’s bigger than selling ads, campaigns, and even us, the employees – the fundamental reason that we’re here hasn’t changed, and what we do at the NETWORK will always be vital. We’ve always gotten news and information to people who really need it. The evolving part is how we have become a partner to businesses and how we improve our ability to help them grow so that we can be a part of their evolution. We have so many different ways for people to consume news and campaigns now – it really allows you as an employee to take ownership of your role in that growth.”

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