One Mission, Many Voices: How Diversity Makes Our Team Great

At USA TODAY NETWORK we are proud of our strong commitment to diversity and the many team members who help us tell the stories that matter to our communities. Ryan Kedzierski,President over Salem, Reno and Kitsap, experiences the exciting outcomes of leading such a unique and diverse group of individuals every day.

Driving Success Through An Inclusive Culture

“I think our team culture revolves around the attitude that everyone is in it, not just to win, but because we all care about each other like family. The way that our team tackles sales calls together and ensures that everyone is up to speed on training, products, sales processes, and knowledge bases, makes it feel like we are one big family.It’s never a dull moment, you constantly get to meet and work with people who think differently and act differently, and open the box seven different ways to pull out new ideas and solutions. Our diverse workforce enables us to be quick with ideas so that we can find what works and what doesn’t. It helps us execute on a very high level.”

Using Our Experiences To Create Solutions

“Our team members come from so many different backgrounds, which allows us to have fun because you never know what you are going to get every day. What we have found in our market is that the industry no longer calls for people to come in who have a specific type of experience. It’s exciting to see the times changing. People who have never set foot in the industry can come in, look at common roadblocks from different perspectives, and challenge what you and your peers think. This is helping us as a company get stronger and better.”

Contributing To The NETWORK’s Vision

“Diversity is important to me because we are industry leaders who impact every local market, as well as national stories – we have such a pivotal role to play when it comes to education, politics, sports, and local communities. We hold our teams accountable to make sure that our local communities are positively impacted—that’s how we think when we handle business every day. If we aren’t working towards diversity and thinking differently, then we’re never going to help our communities grow and prosper.I was a part of USA TODAY NETWORK’s School of Rock leadership program that brought over 50 leaders across the company together, and it was just a diverse group of people all around. There were folks there from circulation roles, advertising, and even digital professionals that have come from all different types of career paths, experiences, and backgrounds – it was really inspiring.”

Building A Strong Future Together

“If you don’t have diversity in your organization, you have one way of thinking – and one way of thinking will put you out of business fast. We are fortunate at the NETWORK to have such a high level of diversity; we have so many different viewpoints on how we can do things to the best of our abilities. All of these voices contribute to the solutions we are looking for to help us grow our audience, and it’s that unique factor that ensures that our advertising customers are successful every day.”

We are always looking for new talent to contribute to our unique voice – apply today to start sharing yours at USA TODAY NETWORK.

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