Growing Your Career as a Sales Guru With Our Team of Experts

Our talented team members can always look forward to the many career development opportunities that come with a sales role at USA TODAY NETWORK.

We sat down with Sean Lupton, Affiliate General Manager and Sales Director at USA TODAY NETWORK in Tennessee, to talk about four key reasons why the NETWORK is a great place for any sales professional to achieve new goals in their career.

I. There Is Strong Support Behind Our Local Brand

“I manage three properties and they all have their own identities and personalities – but each team reaps the benefits of working with a large company like USA TODAY NETWORK. We are very fortunate because we have the support of the NETWORK, but also a uniquely local, hometown feel.

Everyone looks out for one another, and each department is working together to reach the same goals of informing and growing our communities.”

II. Mentorship Is How We All Win

“I’ve been salesperson of the month and I have been in the running for salesperson of the year – but honestly the biggest achievement for me, and most managers, is watching your mentees and team members win those exciting awards and continue to grow as professionals.

One of the strengths of the NETWORK is that there are a lot of different mentors that you have access to. The people at our company truly enjoy helping employees of all experience levels continue to grow and professionally develop.”

III. We Empower Our People Through Cutting-Edge Tools and Training

“The tools and the culture of mentorship that we enjoy at the NETWORK allows even the most experienced sales professional to learn new, valuable skills. You get real hands-on training, and there is a lot of follow up support beyond the virtual training modules – which is key to an employee’s growth.

We have the resources and the depths to really train sales talent, particularly on the digital products side. We are constantly training to keep up with industry trends as our digital product suite continues to evolve. Between the training and the ability to shadow key players in the industry, there’s just a wealth of opportunity for our people.”

IV. Our Team Cultivates Communities Through Collaboration

“We thrive off of collaboration at all levels—from a junior employee to a senior associate—because we need those different perspectives to create the best solutions. Team collaboration at USA TODAY NETWORK is critical because of all the strong relationships we have made in the market that we must maintain and grow. We always remember that business owners are also residents of the community and that they talk to others about our level of partnership and our brand itself.

I worked with a small local furniture and home improvement store 10 years ago that was just a single location – because of our partnership with the owner and the steps we took as a team, that business has been able to grow to four locations today and we were able to watch this brand expand. It is really rewarding to know that we had a hand in this business’s success and growth in the community.”

Start sharpening your sales skills and reaching new career heights with the innovative minds at USA TODAY NETWORK!

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