Four Ways Our Content Team Is Creating a New Kind of Media Product

At USA TODAY NETWORK our content team is always pushing the boundaries of traditional media so that we can deliver stories that matter to local communities across the country.

Three content team members share how they use their ideas and talents to continue driving the NETWORK to the forefront of new media during this exciting digital age.

I. We Transform Our Passion For Emerging Media Into Tomorrow’s Innovations

“The industry is moving fast, which requires media companies to evolve and innovate – a point that is often discussed in the newsroom and by USA TODAY NETWORK’s leadership team. In my role as USA TODAY Sports Assistant Managing Editor for Enterprise and Investigations, my team is always looking for new and engaging ways to tell stories. USA TODAY’s commitment to video content has been a new frontier for reporters and editors – and it affords us the opportunity to take our work to a higher level so that we can drive more readers to our content.”

– Peter Barzilai, AME Sports Enterprise & Investigations

II. USA TODAY NETWORK’s Advanced Digital Media Solutions Set Us Apart In The Market

“It’s hard to think of a time when we’ve approached storytelling at USA TODAY NETWORK and not asked the question, ‘How is this differentiated?’; it’s truly part of our DNA here. We know innovation is essential to differentiation, especially in the hyper-competitive digital media landscape. We owe it to our readers to offer the most up-to-date products/digital experiences to satisfy their curiosity and need to understand what’s happening in the world around them.

– Russell Torres, Vice President of Video Content & Strategy

III. Our Unique Content Strategy Changes The Way Modern Media Is Consumed

“Long-term projects, like our annual survey of college football coaches’ compensations, allow us to diversify our reporting into types of media. Of course, we have traditional news and enterprise stories on the findings – but we also produce a database that allows readers to dig deeper into what specific coaches make in the current year while also looking back at data from over more than a decade. On top of that, we produce a variety of videos that highlight the key points in the latest database and also create engaging content around the oddities found in coaches’ contracts. To promote the entire campaign, we create small and digestible graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.”

– Peter Barzilai, AME Sports Enterprise & Investigations

IV. Our Team Continuously Creates New Industry Standards For Digital Media Products

“We continue to see the competition follow our advance in innovation and consumer engagement. USA TODAY NETWORK is seen as a leader in innovation and reporting in so many areas. Whether it’s our fantastic drone coverage, groundbreaking virtual reality productions, or sleek interactive presentations, we continue to raise the bar of what is expected from digital media publishers.”

– Russell Torres, Vice President of Video Content & Strategy
“As a part of USA TODAY Network, STUDIO Gannett’s creative team designs top-notch digital and print special sections that include home décor, outdoor adventures, travel and more. Our innovative design concepts help raise the quality of our products and push us in new directions.”

– Jerald Council, Creative Director at STUDIO Gannett

Become a part of our content team at USA TODAY NETWORK and start driving the future of digital media forward!

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