Three Ways Our Sales Team Overcomes Typical Sales Challenges

At USA TODAY NETWORK our culture of adaptability, advancement, and support allows our sales team to conquer the digital media marketplace while creating close partnerships with our local communities. These are three of the ways Key Account Executive & Performance Revenue Solutions Specialist, Jarrod Massey, applies the knowledge and experience he has gained at the NETWORK to turn common sales challenges into unique opportunities.

I. Keeping Up With Other Industry Leaders By Staying Ahead

“Since I started at the company almost 2 years ago, I’ve seen our digital products change tremendously. I was fortunate enough to witness the purchase of ReachLocal, which brought a lot of new dynamics to the market I work in – particularly as it relates to search engine advertising. We are constantly bringing in new digital products like the Mobile First Impression, as well as other digital advertisement upgrades that are completely unique to USA TODAY NETWORK and this market.

We are using this momentum to our advantage to compete with traditional strongholds in the community – some of those being television companies who have until recently had a strong grip on a lot of our current customers. A major difference is that these competitors don’t have the digital presence and product suite that we do, making us, as a network, unique. I believe that constant change and product advancement is a testament to who we are at USA TODAY NETWORK.”

II. Taking Advantage of Training and Advancement Opportunities

“When a team member joins USA TODAY NETWORK, they immediately participate in a detailed and thorough onboarding process, alongside a world-class sales/digital training program. It’s a great practice that we are always building on – it includes up-to-date digital training and detailed roll-outs of new products. Because of USA TODAY NETWORK’s commitment to bettering our knowledge of new products and digital media, I have a strong confidence in my skills that continues to grow with every new implementation. I have an advantage over salespeople who have been in this market for years because of the in-depth training that the NETWORK provides.”

III. Creating A Real Community Impact Through Teamwork

“We’ve got a team here who recognizes that the role of the sales rep is going to be challenging from a time management standpoint, and that there are a lot of logistical pieces that have to go into the campaign process that the client doesn’t necessarily see – for example, the touches, the pixels, and the tracking all of the action items needed for a partnership to succeed. You need to have multiple people on your team involved with the client, and communicating regularly to make great community relationships happen.

My team communicates regularly – we are engaged from the sale, to the close, to the follow-up. The Digital Coordinators and Digital Strategists are very aware that we need their support on each account to help facilitate the successful implementation of the sale. We never want a sales rep to be the only person who touches an account because if that is the case we will fail. Everyone has done a great job of making that a team mantra: we really are all in it together.”

USA TODAY NETWORK helps driven salespeople like Jarrod to accomplish new goals and create invaluable connections with businesses in the community every day. Apply to our sales team today and see what you can accomplish with the trailblazers at USA TODAY NETWORK.

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