Trade Secrets: Our Sales Team Works Together to Bring Everyone to a Win

At the NETWORK, our sales team is always moving together to outpace the competition and bring a new style of partnership to our local markets that can’t be imitated.

So what is the big secret behind all of these exciting sales team wins at USA TODAY NETWORK?

From our peers to our leaders, we know that it takes all of our individual talents to make each sales victory possible. Staci Holmes, Advertising Director in Lansing, shares how our sales team bands together to conquer challenges and set new industry standards in our communities:

Our Teamwork Fuels Our Passion

“I always hashtag my team #BestTeamInTheBiz – we all work really well together to meet and even exceed expectations. We also have a large number of staff members that support us and help ensure that we are doing the best we can for our customers.”

The Bonds We Create Drive Us Forward

“We don’t just work hard together – we also have a great amount of fun. We do a lot of unique activities both inside and outside the office walls. These events include birthday celebrations, office Olympic games, bowling outings, and so many other team boosting activities. We really enjoy doing things together and being engaged with our own team members – great internal relationships are so important to us.”

We Unite As A NETWORK To Tackle Challenges

“Our president came to us in the second quarter and asked us to drive some extra revenue – it was a pretty considerable new goal, but we worked with our digital team to come up with a great incentive that would really get our people excited. We came up with a day at a Detroit Tigers Game for the whole team. To keep us motivated and focused on hitting this goal, we created a great strategy and had the whole team participate in the countdown to our goal.

Everyone on the team utilized their strengths to help one another develop new prospects. The peer-to-peer support was amazing to witness, and because of these amazing efforts we made our goal – so everyone got to go enjoy a Detroit Tigers game together!”

Our Leaders Empower Us To Connect, Act, and Thrive

“At USA TODAY NETWORK, we have unlimited access to invaluable resources – for example, our leaders host ‘Ask The Expert’ training sessions to give us the tools we need to go out and challenge common objections from potential new business in our markets. Not only do they teach us how to turn common push backs into new opportunities, but they also equip us with the knowledge we need to create our own strategies to overcome these objections. Our leaders at the NETWORK are always finding new ways to move everyone forward in their careers.”

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