Four Reasons Our Product Makes Sales Exciting

At USA TODAY NETWORK our sales team is constantly finding new ways to grow the businesses in our communities through the power and reach of our digital media products. Brian Wallace, Regional Automotive Manager, connects businesses with target customers everyday – these are a few of the driving factors that fuel his passion for digital media sales at USA TODAY NETWORK:

I. Our Solutions Connect Our Local Communities On A Deeper Level

“My favorite part of selling digital media solutions at USA TODAY NETWORK is how much interaction I get to have with my community. I get to work with small business owners that are really open to what our products and solutions can do to help them succeed. The NETWORK equips you with an expansive portfolio that allows you to get creative so that you can find a mix of products for every different customer in the community you work with.”

II. The NETWORK’s Advanced Products Empower Our Customers To Step Outside Of The Box And Find Success

“Recently we had a Volkswagen automotive dealer who really wanted to reach a secondary market, so our team got to work and put together an awesome multimedia campaign for them. Because of this exciting campaign, our customer was able to double their sales in the market they were targeting. It was such a great experience to be able to deliver those amazing results to my customer.”

III. Our Unified Team Works Together To Make Our Solutions Shine

“The big factor that sets our solutions apart from the competition in the marketplace is all of the people behind our cutting-edge products at USA TODAY NETWORK. Part of what makes our portfolio so unique is that I have so much account support to help our customers make the most of their new digital media tools – I can truly provide an amazing customer experience after the sale. We never just sell a solution and then move on – there’s a lot of manpower behind every new solution we sell.”

IV. There Is Endless Potential For Growth And New Opportunities

“Our portfolio is so vast – if I have a customer who is looking for a tool that will allow them to reach a very specific audience, I can assure them that we have a solution that can do that, and more. USA TODAY NETWORK has been in the digital media market for a long time, but we are always adding new solutions that reach and connect more people. As a sales team, we have the support and the toolbox to help our customers not only achieve their goals, but exceed them.”

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