The Profile of a Top Sales Pro at USA TODAY NETWORK

Laura Patterson had been in the sales industry for over 20 years when USA TODAY NETWORK acquired the paper she worked at in 2016. She quickly utilized the NETWORK’s innovative product suite and advanced employee development resources to drive her business and grow her passion for digital media.

We sat down with Laura to learn about her unique industry experience and hear how she unlocked her full potential with USA TODAY NETWORK to become a true digital media sales expert.

How did the new products and solutions from USA TODAY NETWORK affect your sales career after the acquisition?

“The acquisition brought a tremendous amount of additional products, applications, and knowledge – all really positive additions that I could bring to my customers. I have been able to secure some large contracts in the digital space with some great local companies.

The product suite that USA TODAY NETWORK introduced enhanced my portfolio, and as a result I was able to bring on some customers who were hesitant – especially in regards to ReachLocal. With that unique addition, I was able to cross that finish line and get my customers in the digital space where they belong.”

If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite digital media solution that you currently offer to your customers?

“I love to sell Search Engine Marketing because it really helps my customers experience the power that lies in our solutions firsthand. It is so easy to show them how the solution enhances that feeling of ‘need’ with potential consumers. The consumer will see the products and realize:

  1. That they need it,
  2. They need it now, and
  3. They need to know where they can find it

My customers will be there when that thought cycle sets in, and they will own that consumer’s need, which is extremely powerful.”

How does USA TODAY NETWORK help you stay motivated in your role?

“What motivates me is the constant change of new solutions that the NETWORK offers me, that I can then take to my customers. It all goes back to the product and what I can do for my customer – I always have to be asking how I can make them more successful. One of the most rewarding and motivating parts of this job is watching the small businesses you work with succeed because of something you offered them. They put their hearts and souls into their businesses, it’s everything to them – so for me to be able to help them grow and prosper both amazes and humbles me.”

Why is USA TODAY NETWORK a great place to cultivate a career in sales?

“I think I have been able to find so much success in this role because of the advanced products and all of my internal partners. If you utilize the knowledge and resources around you, your products will get noticed in the community.

For example, one of the things we stand on as a company is transparency – we will sit down with a client and show them exactly how their campaigns are performing. We have the tools to show them how their marketing dollars are working, who they are reaching, and what their ROI is. It’s incredible what we can offer that other companies can’t, and that really allows you to build the relationships you need to own the market.”

Develop your passion for sales with the supportive team and exciting digital media solutions at USA TODAY NETWORK!

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