A Unified Network

Many companies talk a big talk about how teamwork is a tenet of their business, but here, we show it. We sat down with employees with a wide range of job titles. It was clear to us that whether you work in advertising or sales, leaning on and collaborating with colleagues is what keeps our team at USA TODAY NETWORK succeeding.

Brian Wallace, our Regional Automotive Manager, has seen the effort his teams put into every single one of their projects and is duly impressed by it:

“The big factor that sets our solutions apart from the competition in the marketplace is all of the people behind our cutting-edge products at USA TODAY NETWORK. Part of what makes our portfolio so unique is that I have so much account support to help our customers make the most of their new digital media tools – I can truly provide an amazing customer experience after the sale. We never just sell a solution and then move on – there’s a lot of manpower behind every new solution we sell.”

We make it a point to recognize that awesome power that comes from our teams all over the globe. Staci Holmes, Lansing’s Advertising Director, takes it upon herself to praise her team when they go above and beyond:

“I always hashtag my team #BestTeamInTheBiz – we all work really well together to meet and even exceed expectations. We also have a large number of staff members that support us and help ensure that we are doing the best we can for our customers.”

Support is another huge component of our workplace culture. Not only do we support our coworkers whenever they may need, we as a company support our employees by letting them blow off steam and celebrate their successes.

“We don’t just work hard together – we also have a great amount of fun,” continues Staci Holmes.

“We do a lot of unique activities both inside and outside the office walls. These events include birthday celebrations, office Olympic games, bowling outings, and so many other team boosting activities. We really enjoy doing things together and being engaged with our own team members – great internal relationships are so important to us.”

It’s why we pride ourselves on being a unified network. The stronger our teams are, the stronger we can be as a whole. It’s your time to work with the #BestTeamInTheBiz—apply to USA TODAY NETWORK today!

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