An Exciting Workplace

With so many departments, branches, and locations, there’s a unifying idea that comes from working at USA TODAY NETWORK: excitement. We want you to get excited about the work you do every day; we want you to be excited about what you can do; and finally, we want you to be excited about where you can go.

Laura Patterson, one of our top sales pros, has seen what her influence can incite in others. Many of the components of our network were grown from smaller markets, and it’s because of people like Laura that they have a new lease on life:

“One of the most rewarding and motivating parts of this job is watching the small businesses you work with succeed because of something you offered them. They put their hearts and souls into their businesses, it’s everything to them – so for me to be able to help them grow and prosper both amazes and humbles me.”

Ishani Ghosh, Data Scientist, is excited about the unlimited potential for our shared resources:

“The potential to unlock new information and data is always there. With the support from our leadership team, every day is a new opportunity to update software, do research, and harness new groundbreaking statistics.”

Find what motivates you by joining our award-winning workplace. No matter where you work, you’ll be able to find a stimulating aspect that keeps you eager to go in every morning. Brielle Williams has found her calling in her manager role for corporate events and shares,

“I get excited by the rapid changes – I enjoy the fact that every day is unique. The environment I work in is fast paced, which means I often get to do something different and my daily tasks are always changing. Each day, I can meet and work with people outside of my department, which is always fun.”

The idea kept popping up again and again, with every employee we spoke with. Our environment is a place of change, inspiration, interest. Our reporters can see the real-time influence of their work; our sales team can see the effects of helping smaller businesses; our IT department can see how our technology has changed the landscape in just a short amount of time.

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