For us, it’s easy to be proud of our employees. No matter what department they may be in, our people have accomplished feats that blow the rest of the competition out of the water. But what makes our employees proud? We asked a few of our employees from different departments what projects they look back on with a smile.

Our Manager of Corporate Events, Brielle Williams, recalls, “My proudest moment was orchestrating a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting conference.”

“I planned the whole reception, got hotels booked, the whole nine yards. Being on a smaller team, I could take on a lot of ownership early on. So, with the conference, I could own it and really showcase my skills.”

Having the opportunity to show and grow in what you know is a major component of working with us. You can push yourself to accomplish new goals that wouldn’t be possible without the extensive teamwork of your colleagues and technology that you have access to every day.

“There was one project I’m particularly proud of,” says Ray Sto, Director of Emerging Technology.

“Our most recent AR project, 321 LAUNCH, was an unexpected and overwhelming success. We had spent months researching AR tools and experience types through the development of prototypes. Through the process, we quickly identified an opportunity to create an AR rocket app through a collaboration with our space experts at FLORIDA TODAY. 321 is an AR experience giving users the opportunity to launch a Falcon 9 rocket and tune in to a live AR broadcast of a rocket launching from Kennedy Space Center. From downloads to in-app time, we exceeded all project goals.”

“Smashing through new frontiers can be a great way for you to delight in your job, but for others, it’s the quieter and more personal times that makes USA TODAY NETWORK a great place to work. It certainly is for Ishani Ghosh, Data Scientist, whose pride comes in the daily moments.

“Every day is a proud moment,” she muses. “My team constantly finds time to applaud small wins and share successes with one another.”

What other company can give you such a breadth of opportunity to find what makes you passionate about your work? At USA TODAY NETWORK, we make sure to have an innovative and fast-paced workplace that keeps people constantly topping their past experiences. We believe that if you truly care about what you do, there’s no limit to where you can go in your career.

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