Take Our Word for It

If you’re interested in real advice about joining our team, there’s only one place to look: our current employees. They know better than any slick webpage with anonymous users can suggest. Let’s dive into advice from real USA TODAY NETWORK employees!

“Meet as many people as you can,” Brielle Williams, Manager of Corporate Events, recommends. “Network with others—even if it’s just at the coffee maker, say hi!”

Don’t let yourself get stymied by our size; we like our employees to relate to each other and make the workplace a great place to be for everyone.

Are you interested in our fabulous content creation department? Heed these words from Shannon Green, Senior Multimedia Producer:

“Our goal on the content creation team mirrors that of the company as a whole: innovation and diversity are at the forefront. This goal allows us to connect with our audience and become a part of their everyday lives.”

Don’t hold your best ideas for six months into the job. Share your unique perspectives from the moment you meet your interviewer and we’ll know you’ll be able to keep up with us. And if you’re into making your story the next hard-hitting viral piece, take this additional Shannon-ism to heart:

“Make sure you look into the story you’re telling closely. You need to want to get to know your community, not just on the surface level but in a manner that allows you to really make a difference for those who engage with your stories. Being flexible and ready to learn will help you to understand the changes happening in this industry and how to best adapt to them.”

Adaptability is another desirable trait for a prospective USA TODAY NETWORK candidate. Our job is not to keep pace, but outrun the rest of the world; showing you have the ability to do that lets us know you’re the right candidate for us!

And once you’ve scored that opportunity, listen to the experienced words of Eric Jensen. “Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way,” he advised.

“Be the person who says yes when asked to do something. Also, be sure to take the initiative and ask for assignments whenever you have free time.”

He certainly knows what it’s like: Eric started with us as an intern and has since been promoted to a News Reporter.

Now that you have these golden nuggets of wisdom, show us what you got! Apply today for a position with USA TODAY NETWORK!

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