The Many Identities of Interfaith Forward

Faith plays an interesting part in all of our lives. It’s something that can unite, but it’s also incredibly individual for each person.

The same can be said for Interfaith Forward—one of Gannett’s Employee Resource Groups. Interfaith Forward welcomes, fosters, and celebrates faith and religious diversity across Gannett.

Sarah Scanlan is one of the Co-Leads for Interfaith Forward. She’s worked with Gannett for six years as a Senior Video Producer, but as she points out, there’s quite a few identities she has in addition to her occupation.

Many things make up our identity; I’m a woman, a wife, a mom, a journalist, and a Christian, and it’s refreshing to represent all aspects of my life while I’m at work. It feels very welcoming and reassuring to have our workplace offer this.

Manny Garcia, Interfaith Forward’s Co-Lead, also has quite a few identities. He’s a Senior Director for Standards and Ethics, but he’s also unofficially Interfaith Forward’s champion for inclusion and expansion.

The beauty of Interfaith Forward is that we have people from across the entire enterprise. If it wasn’t for Interfaith Forward, it’s very probable we wouldn’t have interacted with each other otherwise because the company is so large. It’s been such a joy to meet all of these colleagues. I work with the most unselfish group of leaders who are part of Interfaith Forward, and they really make our day—and our company—better.

In fact, Manny and Sarah are prime examples of how Interfaith Forward has brought people together. They’re separated by over 600 miles, but together they work to create a group that that transcends distance.

“It’s really inspiring. I joined Interfaith Forward because I liked the idea of connecting with other journalists and other people in the organization who are like-minded in the way that faith plays a big role in all of our lives,” Sarah continued.

I also like that it’s not just a group of one faith: people of all faiths are welcome to join. It’s a great opportunity for the company that our resource group—as well as other employee resource groups—can be used as a resource as people write stories. We can get different people’s opinions and perceptions from the various people among Interfaith Forward.

To the people of Interfaith Forward, this group is an integral part of how they connect with their workplace and express themselves.

“It’s wonderful. It creates fellowship. We always have a common goal to support each other,” Manny said.

Learn more about Gannett’s supportive environment over on our inclusion page! We are always looking for people with unique life experiences to join the team.

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