The Women Behind Women Forward

We are committed to empowering all women by driving actions that result in professional and personal growth, work-life balance and community connections. We embrace and encourage a friendly, diverse and inclusive workplace, and maintain an employee-forward culture to unlock our highest potential.

One way we do that is viaone of our employee resource groups, Women Forward.

Women Forward is focused on gender equality in the workplace, and most of all, connecting our people to each other.

Without further ado, let’s connect with Kristy Cruz and Michelle Washington, the two co-leads of Women Forward.

“Our main goal is to build a companywide network with a large emphasis on communication,” Kristy explained.

We want to share our experiences, help each other maintain a work-life balance, and ultimately grow. The balance is important; we have a lot of working moms in the company.

Michelle also highlighted the importance of connection within the group.

Long before I became a member of Women Forward,I had always supported the group’s mission to be a resource for and to empower female employees throughout Gannett at every step of their careers. I believe the group’s goals of providing a safe space for women – and men – to discuss relevant, perhaps sensitive topics among supportive colleagues is a noble and necessary cause.

 Including people of all genders is an important tenet of Women Forward, Kristy noted.

While we also want to showcase all the work women are doing in the company, we didn’t want to make it exclusive to women. Everyone has a woman in their lives, so we want to share with them what it’s like to be a woman in the workplace.

 They show that by coordinating and participating in several events, both for the Gannett community and the community at large.

“We hosted a networking mixer last summer that brought together a diverse group of employees to learn more about Women Forward and meet our leadership while enjoying a cocktail and other refreshments,” Michelle recalled.

In October, we conducted a panel discussion featuring the authors of There’s No Crying in Newsrooms, who highlighted challenges women have experienced and still face in leadership, overcoming obstacles and diversity in today’s media organizations. Over the holidays, we collected more than 150 coats from Gannett employees that we donated to McLean, Va., nonprofit Share of McLean.

 These relationships and examples of community outreach are what Women Forward is built on.

“I think it means the world that this company offers groups like these,” said Kristy.

We’ve really created a safe space for women in the workforce, and it lets people know that they can speak up if they need to. I really enjoy the fact that there is so much communication. I’ve met people in the company I never would’ve met without Women Forward. It brings everyone together through the distance of 109 of our properties.

 Take a look at our employee resource groups on our career site! We have many ways to make sure you feel supported in your career, no matter where you are.

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