Chief Client Officer and SVP of Operations & Client Experience

As a company, Gannett is committed and accountable to increasing diversity at all levels of the organization. And Bala has appreciated how Gannett empowers its employees by welcoming and leveraging their unique strengths, views, and experiences.

“I’ve been really impressed with the commitment of our executive leadership to be sponsors and champions of diversity and to build a more inclusive workforce at all levels of the organization. I’ve always believed diverse organizations are more engaged, productive, and successful. The more we can learn from people who are different than us, the better off we’ll all be.”

As Executive Sponsor of our Vamos Forward Employee Resource Group (ERG), a group that unites and empowers our Hispanic and Latino communities and allies, Bala has seen first-hand how Gannett’s ERGs have been instrumental in bringing cultural awareness and education, networking opportunities as well as open dialogue on the topics of inclusion, diversity and equity.

“Being an executive sponsor has allowed me to gain a much deeper perspective of what matters to employees. I’ve made so many connections while learning about the Hispanic and Latino communities and culture, which has in turn, made me a better coach, mentor and ally.”

Throughout his career, Bala has had some incredible allies and mentors, that helped pave the way to get him where he is today. Because of that support system, he is intentional with paying it forward.

“It’s not just important to talk about allyship, it’s about taking actions in being a champion for others, being intentional in embracing individuality while creating opportunities for others to thrive and creating safe spaces to have open dialogue and essential conversations. It’s important for me to help and coach others to achieve their personal objectives and watching them thrive.”

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