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Josh first started his journey with Gannett in 2016 and rejoined the company in March of 2020, where he immediately transitioned to remote work due to the pandemic. Still, the new work environment didn’t get in the way of the team coming together and bonding in unique ways.

“I think being remote has given us a look into each other’s personal lives. For me, I feel that being my authentic self has been advantageous because I’m able to just show up and have people know who I am. And my background and experiences have been a value-add in my work, whether it’s translating Spanish content to better serve our Spanish communities or providing input or perspective to LGBTQ+ stories.”

One of the factors in Josh’s return to Gannett is the family-oriented team culture. The relationships and connections he’s built have been meaningful, and he said he feels surrounded by great colleagues who all have similar goals.

“It sounds cliche’, but it really does feel like a family. Those little touches from people checking in and making sure everyone is taken care of outside of their work does go a long way. In addition, I’ve seen efforts by leadership in ensuring a transparent newsroom where we can all cross collaborate and support each other’s efforts. It makes people feel empowered to celebrate wins as well as talk through continuous improvements.”

Josh also points out the importance of allyship in the workplace.

“I’ve been lucky to be on the receiving end of allyship, so it’s my intention and hope as an ally myself to make sure I’m able to listen and learn. Being an effective ally is taking appropriate and meaningful action based on how the affected person or group feels or is impacted. I feel it is the best way to move forward in building a community of respect and support.”

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