Director of Distribution, Gannett Publishing Services

Despite being one of America’s largest local media companies, Gannett recognizes the value each individual brings to the organization. Mark said he experienced the company’s collaborative and supportive atmosphere right away and saw that it goes beyond words.

“When I joined Gannett in 1996, I just assumed I would get lost in a sea of numbers. I was only with the company for about a month, and one of my supervisors asked me how I thought we should do something. I’ve never had that happen before. And that’s been the pattern throughout my whole career with Gannett.”

In addition to taking advantage of Gannett’s professional growth opportunities, including training and educational resources, Mark has also witnessed our company’s culture of support and community. When Hurricane Sally made landfall in 2020, Mark’s home suffered damaged from a fallen oak tree.

“A few weeks after the storm, I was on the phone with my HR Business Partner, and she reminded me that the company has a program to help people out in the event of a natural disaster. I sent her some information, she took care of the paperwork for me, and a few weeks later I was approved for a grant to help with the expenses incurred from the damage to my home.”

Mark also shared a personal story of a tragic loss and the level of support he received from co-workers.

“A few years ago, my husband died unexpectedly. Many of my co-workers were at the funeral. My supervisor at the time called me almost every day. My publisher, who was on her honeymoon at the time, called me. There’s a personal connection with the employees on a higher level than what you would expect from co-workers.”

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