Senior Growth Marketing Manager

In reflection, Suzy said one of the things that stood out to her almost immediately when she came to work for Gannett was the of a culture of transparency – especially throughout the global pandemic.

“The People Resources Team regularly communicates with employees and really lets us know what’s happening step by step. There’s a lot of encouragement to express our concerns and keep the communication lines as transparent as possible. I think it’s a very important part of Gannett.”

Gannett’s transparency extends to its Executive Leadership Team. The company has committed itself to achieving gender, racial and ethnic parity by 2025, while providing regular progress reports. Suzy is a member of the Asian American Forward Employee Resource Groups (ERG), one of 10 ERGs at the company.

“Asian American Forward was launched mid-2020. The goal is to build a community of Asian American employees as well as more representation of Asian Americans in the news – which has been put at the forefront of this ERG. We also provide education and celebrate cultural awareness within the Asian community. At times, we pivot our monthly meetings to open dialogue on what’s happening in the world. Our CEO recently joined one of our meetings for a discussion of unity and resilience during uncertain times, while acknowledging the emotional impacts on employees.”

In the next five to ten years, Suzy wants to keep the momentum of inclusion, diversity and equity going within Gannett and the communities it serves. She’s a firm believer in the impact media has on society and why all members of society should be represented.

“I definitely want to continue to grow and learn. I want to be able to help enforce the goals and values of Gannett. I believe in our industry’s purpose to communicate to our nation and world in the most factual way possible. I’m honored to be a part of an organization that continues to provide communities with information so they can make informed decisions.”

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