Inside Scoop: A Leader’s Vision of Content Marketing at Gannett

Nicole recently joined Gannett earlier this year, pursuing her deep reverence for journalism. She wants to play a role in amplifying stories that impact the communities we serve.

“I am so grateful to be at Gannett today, at a time when it’s vitally important to communicate the indispensable role journalism plays in our communities, and to ensure that it will continue to play a role in whatever context the future throws at us. A builder by nature, I am energized by Gannett’s mission to do good in the world and I want to help architect that next chapter.”

Nicole is heading our newly formed Content Marketing team. Her vision for the team starts with understanding our readers and the type of content that will resonate with them.

“My vision begins with understanding who will read us today, tomorrow and beyond — who and where those folks are, what they need and value, where they expect to interact with content and the types of stories that move them. When you have a product that has something for everyone, our job in marketing is smart curation. Using data, insights and a healthy dose of gut instinct, we will mine that exhaustive catalog to show readers the jewels within — and to show it to them in unexpected places. What interests me is how we might inspire new occasions and create new habits around content consumption by extending beyond the usual suspects of paid social, owned and operated, and programmatic as our core surfaces.”

Nicole joins Gannett after spending several years with Spotify. Her biggest takeaway from her time there? Failure is a crucial part of the process.

“We need to challenge our fear of failure, for three reasons: One, we’re imperfect humans, and we are capable of change. Two, failure is data exhaust that can be turned into strategic fuel: What went wrong is a starting point to explore what might go right. Three, if we don’t springboard failure into learning and action, we’re doomed to fail again.

When we remove our fear of failure by thinking of it in those ways, we alleviate the risk in taking bigger swings and testing innovative ideas. Those risks, and those ideas, and those big swings are personally exciting to me, and what I believe will drive our business forward.”

The Content Marketing team is growing, Nicole is looking at three main things in potential candidates.

“Replenishing curiosity. Our success hinges on our ability to wrap our arms around so many topics and connect them to passionate fans. Be hungry to learn and energized by novelty.

Bravery and honesty. We have a big job to do. I rely on my team to call it like it is to save us time and move us forward. Feedback is a gift, failure is fuel.

Resilient and creative problem-solving. Marketing magic happens when we solve on our feet and in unexpected ways.”

Nicole has openings for a Content Marketing Manager and Manager, Social Marketing. Find these roles and more openings at Gannett here.

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