Take Our Word for It

If you’re interested in real advice about joining our team, there’s only one place to look: our current employees. They know better than any slick webpage with anonymous users can suggest. Let’s dive into advice from real USA TODAY NETWORK employees! “Meet as many people as you can,” Brielle Williams, Manager of Corporate Events, recommends. “Network with others—even if it’s … Read More


For us, it’s easy to be proud of our employees. No matter what department they may be in, our people have accomplished feats that blow the rest of the competition out of the water. But what makes our employees proud? We asked a few of our employees from different departments what projects they look back on with a smile. Our … Read More

An Exciting Workplace

With so many departments, branches, and locations, there’s a unifying idea that comes from working at USA TODAY NETWORK: excitement. We want you to get excited about the work you do every day; we want you to be excited about what you can do; and finally, we want you to be excited about where you can go. Laura Patterson, one … Read More

A Unified Network

Many companies talk a big talk about how teamwork is a tenet of their business, but here, we show it. We sat down with employees with a wide range of job titles. It was clear to us that whether you work in advertising or sales, leaning on and collaborating with colleagues is what keeps our team at USA TODAY NETWORK … Read More

How Our Content Team Uses Emerging Media To Blaze New Trails

At USA TODAY NETWORK our storytellers are committed to finding new ways to create content that will drive our communities forward. Content Strategist, Jamila Robinson shares how she uses new media tools and resources to translate her passion for journalism into engaging content: Can you tell me how the tools you use to tell stories have changed since you first … Read More

The Profile of a Top Sales Pro at USA TODAY NETWORK

Laura Patterson had been in the sales industry for over 20 years when USA TODAY NETWORK acquired the paper she worked at in 2016. She quickly utilized the NETWORK’s innovative product suite and advanced employee development resources to drive her business and grow her passion for digital media. We sat down with Laura to learn about her unique industry experience … Read More

Four Reasons Our Product Makes Sales Exciting

At USA TODAY NETWORK our sales team is constantly finding new ways to grow the businesses in our communities through the power and reach of our digital media products. Brian Wallace, Regional Automotive Manager, connects businesses with target customers everyday – these are a few of the driving factors that fuel his passion for digital media sales at USA TODAY … Read More

Trade Secrets: Our Sales Team Works Together to Bring Everyone to a Win

At the NETWORK, our sales team is always moving together to outpace the competition and bring a new style of partnership to our local markets that can’t be imitated. So what is the big secret behind all of these exciting sales team wins at USA TODAY NETWORK? From our peers to our leaders, we know that it takes all of … Read More