Randy Buffington Describes His Journey As A Content Creator

USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures, Gannett’s events division, was established in 2016 with only 12 events and 1,400 promotions. The division was founded to better connect communities and diversify traditional media offerings. Over the years, our portfolio has grown immensely. We have more than 500 events and 5,000 promotions planned within and outside of the USA TODAY NETWORK’S operating markets in … Read More

Inside Scoop: A Leader’s Vision of Content Marketing at Gannett

Nicole recently joined Gannett earlier this year, pursuing her deep reverence for journalism. She wants to play a role in amplifying stories that impact the communities we serve. “I am so grateful to be at Gannett today, at a time when it’s vitally important to communicate the indispensable role journalism plays in our communities, and to ensure that it will … Read More

Now Editor, Money & Consumer Tech

Josh first started his journey with Gannett in 2016 and rejoined the company in March of 2020, where he immediately transitioned to remote work due to the pandemic. Still, the new work environment didn’t get in the way of the team coming together and bonding in unique ways. “I think being remote has given us a look into each other’s … Read More

Senior Director, HR Business Partner

At Gannett, employees can be their full, authentic selves. This culture is especially important to Jade, Senior Director and HR Business Partner on the People Resources Team. Jade has seen firsthand how unique personalities are beneficial to the business. “Gannett gets Jade all the time. But what I appreciate the most is that they accept Jade. It’s one thing to … Read More

Director of Distribution, Gannett Publishing Services

Despite being one of America’s largest local media companies, Gannett recognizes the value each individual brings to the organization. Mark said he experienced the company’s collaborative and supportive atmosphere right away and saw that it goes beyond words. “When I joined Gannett in 1996, I just assumed I would get lost in a sea of numbers. I was only with … Read More

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

In reflection, Suzy said one of the things that stood out to her almost immediately when she came to work for Gannett was the of a culture of transparency – especially throughout the global pandemic. “The People Resources Team regularly communicates with employees and really lets us know what’s happening step by step. There’s a lot of encouragement to express … Read More

Manager, IT Lifecycle Services

Omar has been with the company for nearly a decade, allowing him to hone in on his leadership style. Armed with an old-school background and new-school sensibilities, Omar uses his connection with his team to be a good leader. “Being in leadership, my team often reaches out to me for problem solving. What they don’t realize is they’re actually helping … Read More

Reporter With USA TODAY NETWORK Atlantic Group

Core to Gannett’s purpose is reporting on stories that are reflective of the communities we serve. And Sammy is helping us achieve that goal. She came into the organization with a clear idea of what she wanted to focus on. “I started with Gannett in being very open about my identity and I’ve felt nothing but acceptance and encouragement to … Read More

Chief Client Officer and SVP of Operations & Client Experience

As a company, Gannett is committed and accountable to increasing diversity at all levels of the organization. And Bala has appreciated how Gannett empowers its employees by welcoming and leveraging their unique strengths, views, and experiences. “I’ve been really impressed with the commitment of our executive leadership to be sponsors and champions of diversity and to build a more inclusive … Read More