One Mission, Many Voices: How Diversity Makes Our Team Great

At USA TODAY NETWORK we are proud of our strong commitment to diversity and the many team members who help us tell the stories that matter to our communities. Ryan Kedzierski,President over Salem, Reno and Kitsap, experiences the exciting outcomes of leading such a unique and diverse group of individuals every day. Driving Success Through An Inclusive Culture “I think … Read More

Selling the Future of Media Solutions at USA TODAY NETWORK

At USA TODAY NETWORK, our sales team knows that they can always look forward to selling the most cutting-edge products in the digital media industry with the latest technological advances that are available to sales teams. Debbie Milteer, Key Account Manager at the Greenville News, came to USA TODAY NETWORK as a Territory Sales Representative in 1997. She can identify … Read More

Building Community on the USA TODAY NETWORK Sales Team

At USA TODAY NETWORK, our sales team makes staying on top of new product advances and finding innovative ways to overcome challenges in the digital media industry look easy – but in reality, each individual’s success would not be possible without the support of their teammates. Sales Director Shannon Welch has been instrumental in bringing his team together so that … Read More

The Perfect Catch: How Our Sales Teams Work Smarter

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We Give Our Sales Team the Tools They Need to Move Us Forward

Products and ideas are always evolving in the field of digital media, leading our team members at USA TODAY NETWORK to always learn and grow in their careers. For our sales team, this means finding innovative solutions that meets the needs of our local communities. Supportive team dynamics and constantly updated training tools provided by USA TODAY NETWORK helps our … Read More

Put Your Sales Expertise on Full Display at USA TODAY NETWORK

At USA TODAY NETWORK our team strives to meet industry challenges head-on. This unique dedication to coming up with innovative solutions helps our sales team members open doors in their careers. David Foster, now Vice President of Sales, was given unique opportunity to put his strong problem-solving skills to use when he first started out with the NETWORK as Sales … Read More